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Ascaso Grinders Detailed Review
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Joined: 19 Dec 2001
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Location: Vancouver, BC
Expertise: Professional

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Posted Mon Mar 25, 2002, 1:00am
Subject: Ascaso Grinders Detailed Review

Ascaso Grinders Detailed Review

CoffeeGeek has an indepth look at set of conical and flatt burr grinders coming out of Spain, and serving up the espresso-loving crowd of North America.
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Senior Member

Joined: 18 Feb 2002
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Location: East Brunswick
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Posted Sat Mar 30, 2002, 9:09am
Subject: Mazzer Mini

Mark, can't wait to read your detailed review for the Mazzer Mini!
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Senior Member
Joined: 19 Dec 2001
Posts: 3,772
Location: Chicago
Expertise: I live coffee
Posted Thu Apr 11, 2002, 12:48pm
Subject: Chute Clogging

Terrific review!

I'm beginning to consider a grinder upgrade, and the Innova sounds great - a high quality, highly adjustable grind.

But the chute clogging is a killer. It's a lot more serious flaw in a low volume home grinder, where the clogged grounds can sit for hours before being used, than it is for a commerial machine where they'll sit for just a few minutes.

And using a pointy stick to clear the chute -- that takes me back to my Briel nightmare.

I hope they fix it before I buy a mazzer mini in a moment of weakness.

Jim Schulman
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Senior Member
Joined: 9 Apr 2002
Posts: 61
Location: Trois-Rivieres, QC, Canada
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Grinder: Mazzer Mini
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Posted Wed May 1, 2002, 10:36pm
Subject: Mazzer whit load sound clip

Hi Mark,

Fantastic work on the review! Let me just tell you that the hard working hours you put in those reviews do make a difference. I might buy an Innova Grinder this summer, and if I do I'll know exactly what to expect, goods and bads, thanks to CoffeeGeek.

Just wondering. I read in the review that the Mazzer Mini is quiet even when loaded. It looks like you intended to provide a sound clip, but there's no link. Just wanted to inform you of that. It's not really a big deal, but it could be interesting to listen to.

Thanks again.

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Senior Member

Joined: 24 Dec 2001
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Location: San Francisco
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Espresso: Gaggia Baby
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Drip: No
Roaster: HW Gourmet
Posted Thu Jun 27, 2002, 6:40pm
Subject: Follow the cleaning instructions here to dial in

It was taking me ages to dial in the grinder using the instructions in the manual. I followed the cleaning instructions here and got pretty close first time.
Saved me a lot of time and coffee.
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Senior Member

Joined: 6 Nov 2003
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Posted Sun Nov 23, 2003, 12:00pm
Subject: Looks like they changed it a bit or Europe has a differend Model.

I just upgraded from my old Turmix E20 which could not produce the fine enough grind for my Oscar.
Looks like the online stores in Germany do not sell the conical but only the flat burr version.
I definitely don't need the 30s noted in the review for a double. Not having timed it exactly, it is more in the below 20s range (hmm, does the voltage difference make a difference here?).
I am using the doserless version with the timer.  I only have about 3g old grinds at the top of the chute.
To me a noticable difference in the cup is about a 20-30 degree turn of the knob.
Overall a perfect match for the Oscar.

Life is too short for bad coffee/wine/food  -  Project: www.crash.muc.de/wmf/
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Senior Member

Joined: 23 Dec 2006
Posts: 577
Location: Eastern MA
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Posted Thu Sep 13, 2007, 8:41pm
Subject: Re: Ascaso Grinders Detailed Review

I have an ancient grinder that uses the same support flask, burrs, burr supports, etc.  Lots of people have Gran Machininos etc (Same guts, generally) .  Anyone broken a motor yet in home use?

As to the holes in the plastic burr carrier: some older machines using the trespade burr set had a hard plastic cover with numbers on it.  Those covers had pegs which could be inserted into the eight inner holes, so that was a way to grossly index the zero point.  The same plastic burr carrier can be used with the Gran Machinino,  Nemox Lux etc.  the outer ring of holes are engaged with the stop pin. yielding 32 steps per revolution  Pretty big steps, perhaps too large for some.  For machines with the upper burr carrier exposed, there also used to be a rubber stopper which would fit into one of the outer holes, and over the teeth on the edge to prevent the worm drive from engaging at that point. Set the stopper into the hole you choose and the grinder now has a stop to prevent burr abuse, and unlike the current set up you can adjust the stop as you like!  Stopper is out of production now but you could carve one from a large neoprene stopper or fashion one out of wood

Yep, they are noisy, but the coffee rocks.  You can mod most of the trespade burr set machines to stepless for $32 worth of parts.

Note the Isomac Gran Machinino and Nemox Lux have wider spouts than the current Ascaso Models of this grinder, (The Ascaso1-3's pseudo-hip design rather than function-first design), and this wider spout lessens clogging, as does a moderate roast.  TheIsomac and nemox are stepped though

Good coffee to you and your guests
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Discussions > Articles > Detailed Reviews > Ascaso Grinders...  
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