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Joined: 16 Feb 2011
Posts: 51
Location: usa
Expertise: I love coffee

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Posted Thu May 17, 2012, 12:58pm
Subject: Re: Backpacking Coffee

How about a Primus Flip N' Drip?
If you can boil water and have the grinder  - you're good to go.
Makes a good cup.

Click Here (www.amazon.com)
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Joined: 22 Mar 2006
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Posted Mon May 21, 2012, 1:07pm
Subject: Re: Backpacking Coffee

ronburleson Said:

Your system looks like a good option. Jetboil also makes a nice backpacking stove system. It works well especially if you are using dehydrated food and just need to boil the water (google freezer bag cooking for some good information). Jetboil makes a version that has a built in french press. It is a good option without adding a lot of weight.

Click Here (shop.jetboil.com)

Posted May 15, 2012 link

Downside to jetboil is that if she's going to be cooking in cold weather, the jetboil systems don't work that well. I do a fair amount of winter backpacking in the Adirondacks. My buddy finally gave up on his jetboil for winter and stuck with the white gas stove. The fuel canisters don't work due to loss of vapor pressure and lower burner output. They are very hard to even light when it's cold. They are fantastic in warm weather however.

This is a situation that I often wrestle with myself - coffee when backpacking. My solution is this. If it's winter, it's an instant coffee. I don't want the extra weight and the temps are usually so cold (-10F and even -40s with windchill) that speed is critical. You can't have your gloves off for any length of time so fiddling with a hand mill, etc... out of the question - take your gloves off and you've got 30secs tops before your hands go numb. You just want a hot liquid to keep your core temp up.

If it's a summer trip, then I'll bring the skerton and aeropress. Having such amenities is quite a luxury when backpacking - takes up space, adds weight and takes time to brew.

Not sure what the conditions will be like for her, but if cold temps are part of the equation, you may want to consider bringing some form of instant along. There may be moments when the last thing on her mind is fantastic coffee and coffee brewing, she may just need something quick and hot to keep her core warm and may not want to deal with cleaning up a mess and carrying her grounds out - especially in Alaska where she'll be exposed to the elements.

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Joined: 13 May 2012
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Location: Chicago Metro Area
Expertise: I love coffee

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Posted Mon Jun 25, 2012, 11:00am
Subject: Re: Backpacking Coffee

UPDATE:  Daughter just returned from the month-long Alaska NOLS course and my make-shift, light-weight brewer worked flawlessly. Early morning temps were in the low 30's, so brewing in the insulated cup resulted in a hot, tasty cup of coffee. She went through all 2.5 pounds of coffee, ending up making a few cups for those "Via" drinkers, who were dying from the aroma of her freshly ground and brewed coffee. Funny story… on Day 5, three non-coffee drinking course members were facing mandatory evacuation for not having a bowel movement for four days. (Probably from the very high carb diet, but still, NOLS really takes that stuff serious). Instructors told my daughter to brew up a few double-strength cups, Peruvian, I think it was :-) as a last resort. It worked like a charm and they were able to stay and complete the trip. Take care!


The pathologically precise are annoying, but right!
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Discussions > Coffee > Machines > Backpacking...  
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