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Coffee: Machines and Brewing Methods
Adjusting Water Temps on BUNN VP17/Commercial
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Discussions > Coffee > Machines > Adjusting Water...  
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Posted Sun Dec 20, 2009, 11:46am
Subject: Re: Adjusting Water Temps on BUNN VP17/Commercial

This morning with the probe in the coffee [in unheated stainless steel filter funnel], the temperature reached 188 degrees.  Does this sound about right?  I think I need to grind even coarser, because there is still a taste of bitterness -- mostly as an aftertaste.  As the coffee cools a bit, it gets a really good flavor -- very close to what I am trying to achieve.
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Posted Sun Apr 28, 2013, 12:51pm
Subject: Re: Adjusting Water Temps on BUNN VP17/Commercial

Thank goodness for the Internet.  I recently ordered a VP17-1 from Amazon.  The first one worked great but leaked after a week - so it was RMAed for another one .  The second one did not brew as hot as the first.  Trying to avoid another RMA I Googled for solutions and found this.  Paying extra $ to get a product to work the way it should in the 1st place galls me so I rejected method 1 (the new thermostat).  I decided to try method 2 - the thermostat mod.  I would agree it's geeky and not for everyone, and my 1st attempt failed, with the thermostat never cutting off and the water boiling. But on the second attempt  I have a thermostat that can be set to 205 degrees F with no trouble at all vs a previous max of ~190 F.  Thanks for the valuable info even if it is over three years old.

1biggs Said:

As promised I am back with some more helpful info. I will cover 2 ways that will raise the temp output of your Bunn VP coffee maker. The first way is easiest but requires you to spend some money and time. The second way is the cheap way and is not recommended by me as it is somewhat unsafe unless you are a skilled tradesman knowledgeable in electronics and mechanical engineering, much like me :)

Method 1-
Call Bunn parts and order a tea thermostat assembly rated at 206F part number 03024.005.  This will raise the output IMHO to where it should be from the factory. This thermostat clicks louder on and off, is heavier built but does perform very well at raising the temp output. The thermo type sensor is thicker and is harder to bend, it does come coiled up and you must carefully and slowly uncoil the amount needed. It also has extra wires and screws. This switch uses screws to fasten the wires on the switch, where the factory 04314.001 type switch has hand shake type connectors. Set the temp probe within one inch of the bottom tank. Change the wires. I set mine to peak 200-203F.

method 2-
Warning! Do not perform this unless you are willing to accept your OWN liability as to outcome, be it good or bad!! Only recommended for the skilled craftsman types. You will know exactly who you are just by reading below, if you feel uneasy about this then DO NOT PROCEED WITH THIS METHOD, USE METHOD 1 ABOVE!!

Remove thermo switch assembly completely from unit. Remove the switch mounting plate from the switch (knob then the 2 screws). Using a sharpie marker, mark the relationship of the switch housing and top plate, run a mark all around the switch this way you won't mess up going back. Notice where the thermo coupler lead enters the top switch. Remove the screws holding the top switch together while keeping slight compression tension on the switch halves. Gently separate switch, this will be easy as the internal spring will force the switch apart. Basic breakdown of this switch is:

end plate-spring-Plastic plunger disc-thermo expan valve and coupler-top cover-knob adjustor-spring plate.
The white plastic plunger is what needs our attention. Using a dial micrometer, measure total length of this plunger disc. We want to remove .010 of an inch from the large side, not from the finger side. I suggest running this plastic plunger on a table with 180 sand paper then work down to 1000 fine to finish. Do not remove more then  ten thousands of an inch!
Clean and reassemble switch using your sharpie markings as a guide. Reinstall switch, setting the thermo coupler with in 1 inch from bottom tank.

What this method does is adjust the internal switch cut out temp by increasing the gap between the finger and the switch contact. The expandeable thermo valve will need to expand more before the switch cuts out. Do NOT remove material from the finger end, remove it from the larger plastic disc end. If you follow directions outlined here to the letter you should be good to go!

I can't tell you in words how much I love this Bunn VP maker now!


Posted November 18, 2009 link

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Discussions > Coffee > Machines > Adjusting Water...  
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