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Coffee: Questions and Answers
Help with my airpot Brewer
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Discussions > Coffee > Q and A > Help with my...  
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Posted Sun Nov 18, 2012, 11:23pm
Subject: Help with my airpot Brewer

Hi everyone,
I own a deli/cafe and have sold cheap coffee for several years now. Why because the previous owners did and I only tried to keep some regular customers. I have improved everything on the menu, and now it is time to upgrade my coffee. At first this seemed simple, first buy fresh locally roasted beans and grind them every morning. I tried this the first year I took over the deli and failed miserably. The regulars were so upset simply because the color of the coffee was much lighter and they said weaker. I tried different grinds, roasts, ratios of coffee to water, and finally went back to cheap pre ground coffee. I have no idea why but the pre ground stuff comes out of my bunn airpot brewer like black tar, bitter nasty mudd. But when sweetened with copious amounts of sugar and gallons of creamer the local regulars think its the best. Recently I have started purchasing fresh beans from a new company who delivers them within one day of roasting. I bought a bunn G3 grinder and have worked with my sales rep. to figure out the best cup of coffee. We checked the water temp. the grind, the amount of coffee, brew time, everything. I have done several experiments and cannot get freshly ground coffee to come out as dark as pre ground. Today I went to costco just to have a comparison against the fresh coffee I am now using. I brewed 3 pots, all 3.8 ounces of coffee per airpot. Pot one and two were the same very light and weak, both brewed from whole beans that were ground fresh and French roast. Pot 3 was the same coffee ground a week ago. It yielded a darker stronger tasting cup almost identical to a Peet's coffee. I know this goes against  everything written about coffee, the flavors and aromas should weaken as time goes by especially when ground and oxygen effects the beans. I have been a fan of Peet's coffee for a long time and notice when the run out of drip they just cut open a vacuum bag of ground beans and dump it in. I am not trying to write a review about Peet's coffee I just want a dark rich cup along those lines and Cant think of a easier comparison that others may all be familiar with.

So all I am trying to figure out is this true?????
Does stale pre ground coffee produce a darker and stronger tasting cup? I never said better just darker in color and more bold

  1. s. My sales rep. suggested that the color of the cheaper coffee came from the robusta bean but this wasn't so, I checked all the ground coffee I was buying and they were 100% arabica.

Thank you for 2 cents
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Discussions > Coffee > Q and A > Help with my...  
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