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Paradise Roasters' Espresso Classico?
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Joined: 6 Sep 2009
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Posted Thu Sep 22, 2011, 12:40pm
Subject: Re: Paradise Roasters' Espresso Classico?

Just received my first order from Paradise two weeks agao. I ordered through Roaste.com on Sunday eve and the order arrived in San Diego on Thursday. I didn't have quite enough of the Balck cat I'd been grinding left so I suplimented the 4 day old beans. The mix of beans was OK. Something wasn't quite right. What a difference a day makes. Day 5 for the Neuovo beans I'd opened and without changing, grind or temp, pulled a decent shot. Things got much better with 2 more days and a minor tweak to gind and 1 degree of temp. Nice mellow flavors. Chocolate finish. And a hint of the roast. Hence the central Italian roast descriptor they used on Roaste.
After a week of Neuvo I opend a bag of the Classico. It's good, but I didn't get great pulls until I pulled out the new VST triple basket and went for the ristretto. Voila! Very nice crema, sweet and super smooth. I make mostly lattes, but liked this as a cap even more.
I'll buy this again. The Classico was a light roast, and my usual preference, but I liked the Neuvo just as much.
I grind with a Macap 4 steppless and a brew with a Silvia v.3 with a Delta P.I.D. and found both coffees easy to dial in.
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Joined: 2 Nov 2010
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Posted Mon Oct 3, 2011, 7:29am
Subject: Re: Paradise Roasters' Espresso Classico?

I tried it for the first time this weekend.  I use Nuevo often, but this is my first bag of Classico.  I have to say I like it quite a bit!   It's a PITA to dial in, though.  I'd get either way too tight a ristretto or a huge crema cone, over a huge grind range, and that's on the K10.  I don't think I'd enjoy dialing it on a less forgiving grinder.  I did find the sweet spot and decided on the 204F recommended by the roaster, a slightly fast pour (slow at the start, very fast as it accelerates, overall pour time, 20-24 seconds.) I didn't weigh the ratio, but by volume the bottomless crema came near to filling the 2oz demitasse, but after settling, I'd say maybe 1-1.25oz once the crema flattened out a bit.  

The flavor that hit me at this temp/speed was a very mellow cherry-bomb (wait, that sounds wrong...)  It's one of the few beans that brewed, tastes just like it smells.  Both in the bag, and in the cup, there was, to me, a startling wild cherry/maraschino cherry combination.  This tells me the roaster's description of "Northern Italian" is spot on.  I'd bought a bag of Bristot a while back.  They're located in Northern Italy.  As with all import beans, it was abusively stale.  But you can sometimes get an insight as to what the coffee ONCE tasted like that way, and the attack of the cherry was what I perceived that one was once like as well.  Needless to say, I'm delighted to find a fresh bean with that composition.  

And "mellow" was the best way to describe the depressingly too-small shot.  There was little bite, little weight, but it was a full bodied almost syrupy sweet experience.  A definite winner despite the slightly fussy brewing parameters.

Unlike the Nuevo I like it at the recommended temps.  Nuevo picks up two different characters at different temps.  At the suggested 202 it can be disjointed and unsettling as a shot.  At 196-198 it's very pleasant as a shot.  In milk I like the Nuevo at 201-203, though, as the disjointed flavors become bold and interesting in milk.  Classico seems just right in both milk and shots at the 204, to my tastes.  If you're looking for some of the "spice" or "herbs" to take over the cherry, some of the even hotter temps may work.  I for one am thrilled with the cherry shot!
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Posted Thu Apr 4, 2013, 11:58am
Subject: Re: Paradise Roasters' Espresso Classico?

I love this blend. I dialed in my pid to 202 at the group and dosed with 19.5 ... I got 2 oz @ 27 seconds. bright is the word here. I got apple and bitter chocolates. Tons of crema. No sourness and I really enjoyed the aftertaste. so much I HAD to repeat!!!
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Discussions > Espresso > blends > Paradise...  
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