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Super Automatic Espresso Machine
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Senior Member

Joined: 20 Nov 2013
Posts: 1
Location: Canada
Expertise: I love coffee

Posted Wed Nov 20, 2013, 1:32pm
Subject: Super Automatic Espresso Machine

I am looking to change my old Saeco Automatic Espresso Machine. I would like to have a One Touch machine (with automatic milk frother). I drink a lot of Latte. I carefully read the reviews on the Internet. Here are my picks:

Jura J9 One Touch TFT
I was betting a lot on this Jura (I like the company and the product is manufactured in Switzerland), it seems to have a major problem with the milk temperature (too cold), which is a major éritant this choice.
DeLonghi Gran Dama ESAM6700
I do not know much about this company. I doubt the quality of the assembly. Many users seem to have problems with the machine and the customer service.

Saeco Xelsis SS One Touch Espresso Machine
I have a Saeco. It seems to be the best product in the category, but does not take oily coffee beans ...

What do you think?
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Senior Member

Joined: 25 Jan 2008
Posts: 881
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Expertise: I live coffee

Espresso: Londinium I, Arrarex...
Grinder: Gaggia MD85, Dienes Mokka,...
Drip: Behmor Brazen, Abid Clever
Roaster: Behmor 1600+
Posted Wed Nov 20, 2013, 4:08pm
Subject: Re: Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Frankly, you're not likely to get much good feedback on super-autos here. Most experience has been that they make mediocre (at best) espresso and break down in a non-repairable way after 3-5 years. That's what you get when convenience takes precedence over quality.
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Joined: 24 Nov 2012
Posts: 518
Location: Canada
Expertise: Professional

Espresso: Giga 5, ECM Giotto, Rocket...
Grinder: Anfim Milano-Best
Vac Pot: No  :(
Drip: Some $30 thing from Walmart
Roaster: I buy pre-roasted.
Posted Fri Nov 22, 2013, 10:11pm
Subject: Re: Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Check to see if I'm wrong, but no Juras (Maybe the little disposable Ena 3) and especially no ridiculously expensive Juras (Over $1600) come with an un-adjustable frother on them like they used to back when they first aquired the Capresso design.  The infinitely adjustable milk flow may make it sputter when it's coming out near the boiling point, but you can't claim it's cold. If yours does, swap it out for a better frother.
If you can afford a Ferrari, you can afford the model with at least one windshield wiper.
The Jura would certainly be repairable when it breaks down. The Jura dealer in Canada seems to plan to exist for a while. Right now, when Faema dealerships are unable to look after their customers, Jura is a beacon of hope to those of us needing E61 parts. I think they still charge less than $300 to fix their top of the line commercial machines, so a J-Series should be around $250.

None of them will be better than the others in terms of "Oily coffee beans". The reason being, oily coffee beans will eventually clog any grinder. Super-automatics aren't easy to tear down and re-assemble by their target market, so must users aren't likely to be cleaning their own grinders every three months.  Use nice, un-burnt, un-greased, proper espresso beans if you're choosing a super-automatic.  Any grinder is cleanable, but the deal is sometines just convenience. If you really want a super-automatic. You don't care about striving for perfection, you want to buy convenience, so that leaves the obvious choice.

Hone down your requirements to nothing more than you absolutely insist upon. Buy the cheapest item that meets your requirements.
You're all set. You've wasted the minimum amount of money to aquire what you thought you desired. If you still want one after the first has died, there's no need to worry about fixing it. Replace it and dispose of the original. Simple and convenient.
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Senior Member

Joined: 16 Jan 2014
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Location: Singapore
Expertise: Professional

Posted Thu Jan 16, 2014, 8:39am
Subject: Re: Super Automatic Espresso Machine

May I know why are you under the impression that Jura gives off cold milk?
I used a Jura machine and the milk dial allows me to control my milk foam as well as temperature. In fact in my country, Jura is the only super autos that allow you to control milk temp.
Another neat trick if you want really hot milk, past their burnt point, is to pinch the tube slightly to decrease the flow rate into the frothing device.

Delonghi is just an ordinary espresso machine. It grinds the bean (5 strength settings) and push hot water through it. There is hardly any brewing tech involved when you compared to Jura's IPBAS.

I was in a similar situation last year and so I went to a departmental stall that carries all 3 brands and did an experiment.
I brought my own beans and made shots with it, I bought the Jura J9.2 in the end. The delonghis always taste burnt and bitter and I just don't like the saeco "SBS" system! It is a marketing ploy to trick people into thinking that thicker crema = better coffee. Something along the line of Nespresso's "19 bar" marketing. Don't fall for it!
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Discussions > Espresso > Machines > Super Automatic...  
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