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Regional: United States East
Coffee Shop in NW Ohio
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Senior Member
Joined: 12 Jun 2004
Posts: 4
Location: Toledo
Expertise: I live coffee

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Posted Sat Jun 12, 2004, 6:38am
Subject: Coffee Shop in NW Ohio


Mike D here, primary Barista/Coffee Maestro @ world of Coffee in Toledo, Ohio (Ohio's Seattle, Due to excessive precipitation, not exceptional coffee) Although WOC is the best coffee establishment since Sufficient Grounds, we do in fact use the same roaster. Susans, out of Lansing Michigan...They have excellent regionals, Most of which are shade grown. Blends aren't too shabby either. We don't offer much in the way of chic. Just some schmoes and some java, we do of course offer espresso drinks, americanos, lattes, mochas, yadda yadda yadda. you know the steez. anyways...if you happen to be in the Toledo metro area and should happen to want an excellent cup of joe...hit us up @ 419-380-8553, thanks.

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Senior Member

Joined: 26 Jun 2008
Posts: 3
Location: Toledo,OH
Expertise: I love coffee

Posted Sat Oct 18, 2008, 7:36am
Subject: Re: Coffee Shop in NW Ohio

This is a reposted reply, just for folks interested in fresh roasted coffee in Toledo.

Hi, I've been living in the Midwest (Toledo, OH) for a few years now, but just this past summer, I became a Coffee Geek!  It started with selling my Krups steam machine and very inexpensive Delonghi pump machine. They were replaced by a Gaggia combo, the MDF grinder and Coffee expresso machine. These are not gorgeous high-end machines, but the coffee, bellissimo.

Since this is all sort of new for me, a friend in New York City suggested I need to find fresh roasted coffee, locally if possible. I read this somewhere too. I was convinced I would never find a local roaster in Toledo, OH. This is not really gourmet coffee land. There was one Starbucks in town when I got here in 2003 with a few other local shops like Beaners (now the more politically correct Biggby's.)

In any case, a bit of Web searching led me to a real find. A local artisan roaster called Flying Rhino. They sell about six varieties of fresh roasted caf and decaf coffee Saturdays at the downtown farmer's market in Toledo. They also sell a nice selection of drinks while you shop for your fresh veg and homemade breads. They've also got a small shop inside Navy Bistro at the Promenade Park on the riverside. It's open Tuesday to Sunday.

Frankly, the coffee's great and they are a great treasure to Toledoans. I can tell by the number of people at the farmer's market! Here is a web site. http://flyingrhinocoffee.com/

Now I'm into finding more local roasters: Ann Arbor? Cleveland? Bowling Green? and trying more of the local bean.

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Discussions > Regional > US East > Coffee Shop in...  
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