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Thermos Nissan Detailed Review
Detailed Review Posted: Tuesday, June 1, 2004
Author: Mark Prince
Machine Class: n/a
Thermos Nissan Review
Product Supplier

Thermos Online
1141 Holland Drive, Suite 22
Boca Raton, FL 33487

Product Pricing

This is an updated price as of March 10, 2006, but is subject to change.

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There was a time when I wasn't overly impressed with Nissan products. I can remember about 9 years ago, when I was still a fresh face in my new city of Vancouver, I saw the product line for the first time; or I saw that it was extremely popular with some of the more diverse cultures in this city. This was back when Thermos Nissan was still a young line, and many "Nissan" only branded products were still around.

I also had a stainless steel fetish of sorts* and even though I was a poor, lowly college student at the time, I bought a Nissan cup - the cheapest one I could find.

Well, the enthusiasm wore off - it leaked, it didn't keep my stuff very hot for long, and I thought I was paying for a brand name, and nothing much else. I moved on, and for many years, I never bought another Nissan product. That one episode tainted me, and really, it was unfair to Nissan (and Thermos-Nissan) - others raved about their products, and I was like "pshaw, overpriced, under-quality".

This bias changed somewhat in 2000 when I won a Stainless Steel Carafe made by Thermos Nissan. It's a simple small half litre carafe with a twist and pour lid, and I used it for my brewed coffee. WOW, what a difference. Well made, kept my coffee very, very hot (I measured temps around 80C after 3 hours, from a start of around 92C), and it looked good too.

Since the launch of the CoffeeGeek site, I've always wanted to review more of the Nissan lineup. I just didn't know how to approach the company. Fortune would favour me though - after I was written up in a Reuters story in January of 2002, Thermos Nissan came to me - a representative emailed me, complimenting me on the site and asking if I'd do a review on some of their products. Sometimes, CoffeeGeek is just too cool :)

After lots of discussions and very nice meetings with Lynda Yost of The Thermos Company at this past year's SCAA show in Anaheim, I had a stock of some 20 different products from the company, ranging from an economical $15 tumbler all the way up to a $130 Titanium briefcase bottle (all prices in this review are the US prices). The following Detailed Review will detail a lot of diverse and sometimes strange evaluations of all these products.

Tumbler Tall

CoffeeGeek would like to thank Thermos Canada and US for their help in giving us the opportunity to evaluate their product line and give you the straight goods in this Detailed Review. Thermos Nissan and Nissan products are available from Thermos Online at very competitive prices. Please note, the prices listed in this review date from the publication and may no longer be accurate. New prices (as of March 10, 2006) are listed in the sidebar.

This Detailed Review will be a bit different from the other ones I've conducted. I'll be doing a Overview page, then I'll break the product lineup into categories, and cover each category as a "mini review" within its own page. I'll wrap it all up with some conclusions.

  • Product Overview, where all the products we received are listed with some introductory comments.

  • Mugs will look at four products ranging from a small 6oz "espresso" mug to the Ultimate Desktop Mug.

  • Tumblers features three handle-less products, and one that has become a serious favourite (good news too - it's one of the least expensive products in the Thermos Nissan lineup).

  • Bottles will feature comments about 3 different bottle products that target different markets and feature different innovations.

  • Carafes and Large Capacity will look at six different products, including the only glass-lined product in this roundup and a massive 3.4 litre pumping pot, all stainless steel.

  • Unique Items takes a look at four special purpose items - an amazing little design wonder called the Multi-functional Can Insulator, an all stainless steel press pot, a new product from Nissan's "second skin" lineup - a paper cup "holder" as it were, and the jewel of the collection - the Ti bottle.

  • Conclusion, is where our final thoughts about the Thermos Nissan lineup appear, and our recommendations.

Please choose from one of the following sections:

Introduction | Overview | Mugs | Tumblers | Bottles | Large Capacity | Unique | Conclusion
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Detailed Review Sections
Arrow 1. Introduction
Aarow 2. Overview
Aarow 3. Mugs
Aarow 4. Tumblers
Aarow 5. Bottles
Aarow 6. Large Capacity
Aarow 7. Unique
Aarow 8. Conclusion
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