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Reg Barber Tampers
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Product Details
Overall Rating 9.2, Based on 17 Reviews
Avg Price Varies
Manufacturer Reg Barber
Machine Type Espresso tamper, steel, aluminum, wood
Colors Varies
Class n/a
Pro Review No
First Look No
QuickShot No

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Roasters, Accessories & Misc: Reg Barber Tampers
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Reg Barber and professional, artisan tampers are synonymous with each other - Reg has been making these craftsmen tools since the mid 1990s.

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Simon Minkoff (quality: 2.5) 01.19.2005 Rating: 9.4
Product Reviewed: Tamper
Bottom Line: A good start to improving your coffee.
Tom Salinas (quality: 3.4) 07.07.2007 Rating: 5.4
Product Reviewed: Tamper
Bottom Line: *
Robert Colin Newell (quality: 4.5) 03.04.2002 Rating: 9.8
Product Reviewed: Reg Barber Tamper
Bottom Line: Without a real tamper, like a REG, you cannot take charge of your espresso experience!
Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov (quality: 6.5) 10.26.2005 Rating: 8.4
Product Reviewed: Rosewood aluminium
Bottom Line: If you get thin, light crema, you should get it. It really improved my shots. :)
Edwin Rivera (quality: 6.8) 03.30.2002 Rating: 9.8
Product Reviewed: Reg Barber Stainless
Bottom Line: Form and function come together perfectly.  A piece of art that looks awesome on top of any espresso machine.
Noel Hong (quality: 6.8) 11.25.2002 Rating: 9.8
Product Reviewed: Reg Barber Short Convex
Bottom Line: The hourglass shape, beautiful wood handle, stainless steel base, fine craftsmanship and nice feel of the Reg Barber Short Convex bottom tamper is worth $40(USD).tamper
Graham Curkendall (quality: 7.0) 04.27.2010 Rating: 9.8
Product Reviewed: Tall Rosewood/Stainless
Bottom Line: The nicest accessory available for any espresso machine.
Buzz Lightyear (quality: 7.4) 08.28.2005 Rating: 10.0
Product Reviewed: Reg Barber Short Brushed
Bottom Line: The Reg Barber Short Brushed Aluminum tamper is the best Tamper I ever used
Toto Di Torretta (quality: 7.5) 05.14.2002 Rating: 9.4
Product Reviewed: Reg Barber Stainless
Bottom Line: Made to last and looks good along the way!!
Stanley Zolenski (quality: 7.5) 07.03.2002 Rating: 10.0
Product Reviewed: Reg Barber Tamper
Bottom Line: If I had to do it over again, I'd get exactly the same thing...Period!
Brendan Getchel (quality: 7.6) 09.05.2002 Rating: 9.0
Product Reviewed: Reg Barber Stainless
Bottom Line: Reg Barber: The Ultimate Tamping Machine [Revised 9/30]
Bill Zarycranski (quality: 7.7) 05.15.2002 Rating: 9.8
Product Reviewed: Reg Barber Stainless Tamp
Bottom Line: Highest quality and good looks, the Reg belongs among your espresso tools
J M (quality: 8.0) 10.27.2008 Rating: 8.4
Product Reviewed: 58 mm tamper
Bottom Line: Feels like heaven, you pay the price though
Carl S Lau (quality: 8.5) 01.04.2002 Rating: 10.0
Product Reviewed: Reg Barber Stainless
Bottom Line: Visually stunning and beautifully designed, the Reg Barber tamper is the Lamborghini of tampers: sleek, modern, and oh so cool.
John Roche (quality: 8.6) 03.03.2002 Rating: 9.4
Product Reviewed: Lng Handle SS Flat Tamper
Bottom Line: Every time I use this tamper, I'm happy I bought it. What more could one ask?
Eward Sonneveld (quality: 8.8) 04.22.2003 Rating: 9.2
Product Reviewed: Reg Barber vs Ergo Packer
Bottom Line: Very good vs Very good: it is down to personal preference. I stick to my Ergo Packer, but I can recommend both of them.
Davin Gegolick (quality: 9.0) 02.10.2015 Rating: 9.0
Product Reviewed: Tall Bubinga tamper
Bottom Line: Best customizable tampers in Canada!
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