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QuickMill Andreja - Lon Stratton's Review
Posted: December 11, 2005, 9:16pm
review rating: 8.5
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QuickMill Andreja
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Arrow The QuickMill Andreja has 82 Reviews
Arrow The QuickMill Andreja has been rated 9.25 overall by our member reviewers
Arrow This product has been in our review database since September 29, 2004.
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Quality Reviews
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Bob Yellin 9.21
Teemu Pihlatie 8.90
Pal Cabral 8.75
Don F. Reitz 8.66
Z B 8.66

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Ratings and Stats Overall Rating: 9.2
Manufacturer: Quick Mill Quality: 9
Average Price: $1,249.00 Usability: 10
Price Paid: $1,395.00 Cost vs. Value 10
Where Bought: Chris' Coffee Service Aesthetics 8
Owned for: 2 months Overall 9
Writer's Expertise: I love coffee Would Buy Again: Yes
Similar Items Owned: Olympia Coffex
Bottom Line: Excellent feature set and component quality for the cost.
Positive Product Points

Engineered for easy service.
Easy to adjust boiler pressure.
Form follows function design.
Direct Connect Kit is excellent.

Negative Product Points

The steam valve knob should be more ergonomic.
Brew pressure adjustment should be more accessible.
Both pressure gauges should be easier to see during operation.

Detailed Commentary

I had been making espresso with an Olympia Coffex (Same as the MaxiMatic) and a Jericho grinder since 1992.  I really didn't have the kind of knowledge required to make acceptable drinks with this machine (but I didn't know that at the time), so my results were pretty inconsistent.  I only really enjoyed about 25% of my drinks.  Then when *$ came around my area, I tried their cappuccino's and liked them better than mine.  The Coffex was put aside.  I spent hundreds of dollars over the years at the green mermaid.  Then about a year or two ago, I started noticing that I really didn't like most of the drinks I was getting from them.  I thought it might be me.  Tastes changing....something.  That's when a friend of mine in Cleveland told me about coffegeek and invited me down for Vivace Dolce Espresso from his HotTop roaster and ECM Giotto machine.  You know the rest of the story.

When I unpacked the Andreja Premium, I felt as if I knew everything I was going to encounter.  And I did, because it was packed exactly as described in the home-barista.com review.  (Which I had read several times)  The first night was spent installing the water supply for the direct connect kit.  If you have ever attempted a plumbing project not being a plumber, you know what a nightmare it can be.  I had never heard of John Guest fittings before, but now I tell everyone I know about them.  Because of the design and ease of use of these fittings, this installation was one of the easiest jobs I have ever done.  Including time planning where all the parts would go and really taking my time to get everything perfect, my total install time for the direct connect kit was less than one hour.

With the machine connected, cleaned, warmed up and two pounds of three day old Black Cat standing by, I pulled my first shot.  2 ounces in 40 seconds.  Adjust grind, try a few more times and Voila! 2 ounces in 25 seconds exactly.  And it looked like a lot of pictures I had seen.  I couldn't wait to try it!  I thought it smelled good...took a sip...YEECCHH!  Well, it was a day of practicing (Half of the Black Cat and a couple gallons of milk) before I started getting drinkable shots.  The cappuccinos were very good to me, but I know I'm still developing my tastes and I'm on that quest for espresso nirvana.

I got comfortable with the machine in short order.  I was able to easily develop a sort of routine that felt right.  This is what a well designed machine can do for you.  I noticed that the primary complaints in user reviews of this machine were related to refilling the water tank.  For that reason I went with the direct connect kit.  At first, I thought that a drain should have been part of the kit, but the drip tray holds about a quart and despite the extra water from the direct connect kit, I really don't have to empty it that often.  It's simply become part of the developed routine.

After a few weeks, I started to get fairly consistent results.  It was obviously time to start tweaking!  When I had the machine open for another reason (see below), I decided to adjust the brew pressure down from 10 bar to 9 bar.  This was based on spending too many hours in the coffegeek and home-barista forums.  The actual adjustment of the brew pressure is easy enough to do.  It's thoroughly described on Chris' website in the FAQ section.  http://www.chriscoffee.com/faq#13   I only wish that access to this adjustment were more convenient.  I've figured out a way to remove only the back and right side of the machine to get to the brew pressure, but I still wish it were a quicker access so I could do some experimenting.  The boiler pressure adjustment requires no disassembly and is done through a hole under the cup warmer.  It would be nice if the brew pressure adjustment were as easy.  I was surprised at how much difference I could taste just from lowering the brew pressure.  I didn't like it, so after many more hours in coffeegeek forums, and pulling shots with the cover off,  I've got it at 9.8 bar and the boiler at 1.1 bar max.  I checked the set pressure using the backflush disk in a portafilter.  I would like to know more about the actual brew temperature, but for now I'm following Dan Kehn's flushing technique.  If the machine has been idle for more than 10-15 minutes, I run the pump until the sputtering settles down, then after that I flush about 1-2 oz. while I'm dosing, distributing and tamping before each shot.  That gives 30-45 seconds for the water to come back up to brew temperature.  The only espresso I've used so far is Intelligensia Black Cat (caf and decaf) so I don't have to worry about different temperature profiles for now.

As far as steaming milk goes, the Andreja is more than adequate.  My frothing skills, however, are not so adequate.   I've managed microfoam a few times, microfoam-ish most of the time and dish soap occasionally.  Another ten gallons or so and maybe I'll get it.  The control knob on the Andreja looks substantial, but I wish it were either bigger or maybe rubber coated. (or something similar to get a firm grip or to be able to easily roll the control)  To get steam, you have to turn the knob 90 degrees before the valve starts to open, then an additional 360 degrees to fully open the valve.  I find when it's time to stop the steam, I have to do three or four really quick turns of the knob to close the valve.  I would like it better if the mechanism allowed not only a gradual opening, but also an immediate stop with very little movement.  I think the existing valve would be able to do this if the knob design was a bit more ergonomic.

Week 5.  The bottomless portafilter arrives.  This creates a whole new learning curve.  All of a sudden, I'm throwing away a lot more shots and spending a lot more time cleaning the outside of the machine.  As a learning tool, this device is fantastic.  When everything works the way it should, I can really taste the difference!  It shows almost instantly if your dosing, distributing or tamping isnít correct.  My shots are getting better every day.  As a way to impress your friends, this device is fantastic.  Watching a proper shot of espresso being extracted seems to be slightly hypnotic.  I'm still having trouble with the triple basket, so I have my double basket in it for now.  Many more forum hours coming up.

This is minutiae, but in my world, almost all of my ON/OFF toggle switches operate vertically.  Up is ON and down is OFF.  I don't know why left is OFF and right is ON on the Andreja, but it is.  Also, if it operated vertically they wouldn't have had to use a stick-on OFF/ON label, and it would have been more intuitive to know which way was on.  But then, I guess you could just look at the green light to know that it's on.  Speaking of labels, I think the ATTENTION!/ACHTUNG! label on the E61 group head mars it's beauty.  It doesn't even tell me what to be attentive to!  I think anyone who operates a machine like this knows that the group is hot.  But as I said, these are very minor points.

I noticed the new Quick Mill Vetrano showed up on Chris' website right about 30 days after I got my Andreja.  Let's see...they have a 30 day "No questions asked" return policy...I could box this up...  I actually thought about this for a while.  The Vetrano is a direct connect only.  I already have that, so it would literally be plug and play.  I've read that espresso tastes better from a rotary pump, but I don't know that my tastes have developed that far yet.  And rotary pumps are quieter.  It really didn't take long to decide to stay with the Andreja.  First, I truly think the Andreja simply looks better.  The cup guard is a nice rail with a little design to it, not just the top of the side panels.  The side panels on the Andreja are wider to accommodate some internal parts and have nice rounded corners and nicer looking vents, making the machine better proportioned and more aesthetically pleasing, plus more room for cups!  Also, if I ever need or want to relocate the machine (even temporarily), I can easily convert it back to a pour over.  I've read posts from people complaining about the loud sound of a vibe pump, but honestly, I don't think the Andreja is a loud machine at all and not a single person has made a comment on the noise level.  (They were too blown away by the coffee!)  Besides, don't you think that's too soon for upgrade fever?

In the short time I've owned the Andreja, I feel very comfortable using the machine...and I use it every day!  The Andreja has really made my espresso experience very enjoyable.  It's great to be able to make good coffee drinks and ruin friends on *$ and others.   And for the first time ever, my wife enjoys unflavored espresso.  No more covering up bad coffee!  She and I have even had pre-serious discussions about researching our own coffee business.  It seems like we would really enjoy roasting, selling drinks and trinkets and trying to educate people about high quality coffee.  Having been inside the machine a few times, I really appreciate the thought that went into designing the machine for ease of service and the use of what seem to be commercial quality components.  The only other espresso machine that I've worked on is the Olympia Coffex/Maximatic (In the process of rebuild) and it has many similar high quality components, but the current price is $2200.00!  And it's a lot smaller and doesn't have the E61 group.  Without sounding like a gushing new owner, I can really give the Andreja Premium very high ratings for quality and usability.  The Andreja aesthetics are very good for the cost.  There are some really artfully designed machines out there, but they're very expensive.  I can definitely recommend purchasing the Andreja Premium!

Buying Experience

Chris' Coffee Service.

After all the Internet research and reading about suppliers, I almost thought Chris himself would answer the phone on the first ring and talk to me endlessly about espresso machines.  But, that's not what happened and I got Mary, instead.  Well, I can't tell you enough how satisfied I've been with Mary's expertise and the way she handled all my calls and e-mails, including the initial "I'm not quite sure what I want" call.  I never felt like I was being rushed during the decision making process.  If I would say, "How about this?..." or, "What I really want to do is this..." she would explain why one thing would be better or worse than the other thing.  We even discussed Super Automatics. (For about 90 seconds!)  When I finally ended up deciding on the Andreja and a Mazzar Mini doser, there were no problems when I changed my mind on the grinder twice. (Mazzar MiniE Type A...final!)  When I received the grinder, there were some fairly serious scratches on the front cover plate.  After a call to Mary and e-mailing a couple of pictures, there was no problem getting a new grinder right away.

About a week into coffee heaven, I noticed that the auto refill wouldn't always activate.  I opened the hot water tap to try to activate the autofill.  Nothing.  Boiler pressure was 1.2 Bar.  As I was looking at the machine trying to figure out what to do, the autofill activated.  OK, this is good.  Then I noticed that after boiler pressure had dropped to about .5 bar, that it was now rising past the 1.2 mark and well into the red arc of the gauge.  I opened the steam valve to drop the pressure until the water shut off.  The boiler pressure then went to 1.2 bar and shut off just like normal.  It was over pressurizing only during the autofill after emptying the boiler.  It did this intermittently and I was able to catch the over pressure situation each time.  I contacted Chris' Coffee and was put in touch with Roger.  The first thing he wanted me to check was the connection to the probe in the boiler that senses the water level.  I disconnected it, checked the crimp and reconnected it, but the problem still existed.  Roger then sent me a new probe.  He thought that the Teflon sleeve around the probe might have a small crack in it, thereby retaining water in the sleeve and making the probe act as if there was water in the tank when there wasn't.  He was right... problem solved.  The autofill now triggers much more frequently than it ever did.  I appreciate not only the depth of expertise, but also the sense of urgency that Roger had when I called with this problem.  It's evident that they would like to keep their customers loyal for the inevitable upgrade fever.

Anyone can buy espresso machines and grinders from Italy and re-sell them on the Internet or a storefront somewhere, but to create an infrastructure of knowledge and real customer service surrounding these machines is another story.  This seems to be the Chris' Coffee story.  Because of the way I was treated on my first major coffee equipment purchase, Iíll always call Mary at Chris' Coffee Service first for any future purchase.

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review rating: 8.5
Posted: December 11, 2005, 9:16pm
feedback: (2) comments | read | write
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