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Technivorm Moccamaster Thermal - Trevor Crowley's Review
Posted: February 18, 2009, 2:10pm
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Technivorm Moccamaster Thermal Models
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Arrow The Technivorm Moccamaster Thermal has been rated 7.87 overall by our member reviewers
Arrow This product has been in our review database since October 24, 2007.
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Quality Reviews
These are some of the best-written reviews for this product, as judged by our members.
Name Ranking
Al Ruscelli 9.48
Gregory Scace 8.52
John Frescki 8.33
Don Rutherford 8.00
C W 7.67

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Ratings and Stats Overall Rating: 9.4
Product Reviewed: KBT 741
Manufacturer: Technivorm Quality: 9
Average Price: Varies Usability: 9
Price Paid: $270.00 Cost vs. Value 9
Where Bought: www.transcendcoffee.com Aesthetics 10
Owned for: 1 week Overall 10
Writer's Expertise: Just starting Would Buy Again: Yes
Similar Items Owned: Krups various models
Bottom Line: Paid a high premium for shipping but this unit brews hot coffee fantastic in the time suggested....very easy to use and clean!
Positive Product Points

Heated the 10 cups of coffee in 6 minutes each time.  Tested both cold water and no coffee, then coffee.  Never variied,  6 minutes to the second.

Temperature output of water 202 degrees each time tested.


Coffee in filter basket 196 degrees

Coffee in carafe 186 (rinsed the carafe with hot water from the tap first for a few minutes.

Machine looks great on the shelt made for drip coffee maker.  (Looks were not important to me,,,I wanted hot coffee)

Negative Product Points

Spout of carafe is not good at all.  However this is not a problem as I transfer from the carafe to my own Challenger 2.2 Liter lever pump action thermos. (More on this unit later).

Would have liked to see cup indicators on both sides of water holder.  (Not a big deal but a point)

Would have liked to see a design of the lid of the carafe that could screw on when unit is finished.  (I put the lid away, will not be using it)

Would like to see an automatic turn off at end of use.  I wonder if I will remember to always turn off the unit.  (I had better says my wife)

Lid on top of water container seems a bit flimsy hower this is very nit picky....not really a big deal.

Detailed Commentary

First watched the testing on America's Test Kitchen and was very impressed.  This maker was the only one of all they purchased that did the job.  They timed the brew at 7.5 minutes with 1.5 minutes dripping out.

I have made two batches every day for a week and timed and measured the temperature just to check it out.  each time the 10 cups of water finishes at 6 minutes and the dripping was only 34 to 36 seconds.

I read the reviews on this site, and wanted to mention Al Russelli outstanding review.

I purchased the Gold filter with my unit and am still using trial and error to brew the coffee.  I have not yet ground any beans but have been using up the various coffee's in our home.

The coffee is hot and not the least bit bitter,,,,I am still making mine slightly strong and this morning was the best yet,,,,once I have mastered  the amount of coffee to put in I will have it mastered.

On this site various reviewers mentioned  turning off the dripping value on the filter after two minutes.  I do this and feel it makes a difference.  I pour the cold water from fridge into the water holder of the unit,,,,then turn on the timer on the stove for 2 minutes.  After that beeps I use a small wooded chop stick to stir all the water and the grounds.  Smells and looks great!  Then I adjust the level to the half way mark and it finishes as I mentioned in 6 minutes.  Takes me a little over a half a minute to finish dripping and I immediately pour in my Challenger pump action thermos.

Click Here (www.comparashop.com)

This unit is great, it does not allow one drip from spout when you push the lever for you coffee.  Prices vary from $42.00 to $90.00.  Pouring into the Challenger from the coffee carafe is not the easiest.  If I had to pour from this unit into a cup of coffee I would be very frustrated!.  It is sloppy and inconsistent.

This sounds like I am picking on the carafe, and I guess I am, however do not let this pour unit detract from purchasing the drip coffee maker.  It is outstanding,,,performs as advertised.

Another small point,,,the electrical plug is upside down for us in America,,,,the ground part of our sockets is on the bottom, this plug has the ground plug on the top so you have to have it upside down to what you would normally see.  No a big deal,,,but a point.

You will have to experience your own methods of making coffee.  I will try the paper filter as well as the gold filter until I have what I want.

Will revise this review after some time of experimenting and possibly purchasing a burr grinder.


I am very pleased I purchased this unit.  I have tried various brands of coffee beans and keep them contained  in a Beanvac Coffee Container (review on this site as well as Amazon)  http://coffeegeek.com/reviews/accessories/beanvaccanister/yesterday.

After one month of using this unit I have come to appreciate the quality and ease of use this unit.  I must admit to one mistake I made that was a lesson not to be repeated.  When I have completed making the coffee I usually clean up the coffee holder and wash out the carafe and fill it with water.  (You cannot screw on the top and place it back under the drip holder).  I usually grind the coffee, turn on the stove timer for two minutes (allows me time to stir the coffee inside the holder) then open up the drip value.  One morning I failed to empty out the carafe and had 10 cups of fresh coffee pour all over the counter, sides, and floor.  

Two features I have noticed over the month,,,if you are having a large crowd and want to brew 20 or 30 cups you will have no trouble.  Simply replace the coffee with fresh and add fresh water.  There is no delay or time to wait until  the heater cools down.   This is an added bonus feature that I appreciated.

Another feature that some reviewers did not like was the small plastic piece at the bottom of the unit.  Since I have my machine on a wooden shelf at the end of my kitchen counter, this feature is a bonus.  When placing the carafe under the coffee holder it will not scuff the shelf and when removing the carafe to pour the coffee it will catch the bit of water that still is on the plastic holder.

The carafe of this unit has a round top that fits under the coffee holder.  At first I wanted to see some kind of spout feature which would allow me to pour into a cup of coffee.  This feature is not really a problem as I find the Starbucks mug wide enough to allow a pour without spilling it over the side.  The rest I pour into my airpot container.

Construction is excellent.  I would have given it a 10/10 if the plastic screw top of the carafe would be low enough to allow me to place it under the coffee holder when finished.

The coffee brewed from this machine is outstanding!

Buying Experience

With the Canadian Dollar down as much as it has been, I decided to purchase from a Canadian Source.

Click Here (www.transcendcoffee.com)

Paid $340 Canadian witch included the Gold Filter and $35.00 shipping.  We get robbed in Canada with shipping.  The US is much more reasonable.

I received the unit three days later and was a bit dissappointed that they did not include a free pound of coffee.  Unit was double boxed.  Very well packaged.

Three Month Followup

I have used this unit at least once a day since purchasing it.  Have a good routine for brewing the coffee as mentioned in my original details.  I no longer use water from the Brita carafe but have found the cold water from the tap tastes fine.  Have tried many varieties of fresh beans both from various chain stores, coffee houses, and roasters.  One difficulty I am still having is finding the brand of coffee that is outstanding for my taste buds.

Depending on the type of coffee bean I grind I am using 7 or 8 spoonfuls per 10 cups.  Still using my Krups blade grinder and letting the coffee brew for 2:30 minutes (stove timer) and stirring with a wooden chop stick, before starting the drip to the carafe.

Coffee pre ground is far superior to my old Krups drip coffee maker.  Once a month a retest the time to finish and temperatures both at the output spout and in the carafe and all are within 1 degree of the original test.  The time on my machine is 6 minutes exactly to finish.

The clean-up routine is as follows.  After I pour the finished coffee into a pre warmed airpot I rinse out the original carafe and fill it up with water and replace it on the coffee maker.  I then remove the coffee basket and gold filter and rinse them completely and return, making sure the drip lever is in the off position.  That way I am ready to brew my next cup simply by draining out the water and filling up the carafe with hot water while I grind the next batch of beans.  I put them in the basket, turn on the stove timer, and after removing the hot water from the carafe, place it back under the basket.

Once I goofed as mentioned before and did not remove the water, causing a mess all over,,,that mistake has never happened again.  What I have yet to try is coffee that has been ground by a burr machine.  I hesitated to spend so much money for a good burr machine.

The water container is still in excellent shape, no decolorization.  Since I usually only prepare 10 cups each day and clean the unit right after brewing, perhaps this is not enough use to cause an problems and the quality of the tap water in Abbotsford, BC is excellent.

After looking over my original ratings I am not changing.  I am very happy with the adjustment of the brew flow, when in the off position there are no drips when removing it to wash in the sink and having it off while the water fills it, is a nice touch, this way you can check the coffee and stir if desired.

On a few occasions I have brewed 20 cups.  There were no problems with refilling the unit with cold water and starting as soon as I completed one batch.  The extra 10 cups were saved in the original carafe and I used the screw top that came with the unit.

I keep three types of coffee beans in the Bean Vac containers Click Here (coffeegeek.com)

I find these a perfect compliment and match the Technivorm.

An excellent drip coffee maker.

One Year Followup

After having used this coffee maker for over a year now I wanted to follow up with a few comments.  Although it took me several month to finally use the proper amount  of water and coffee (one litre and 60 grams of beans) I have been very pleased with the results.  The Technivorm brews an outstanding cup of coffee.

A couple of points as to the operation of the unit.  My normal routine after brewing is to pour the coffee into a thermos that has preheated with hot tap water.  Cleaning the carafe is no problem at all and I usually fill it up with tap water and replace it under the basket.  Over the year I have unfortunately not emptied the water out and began brewing coffee.  All three times the overflow was due to operator stupidity; not a design flaw by Technivorm.

I have dropped the drip basket a few times and no damage occurred.  When cleaning the basket I find it difficult to do the job without having water drip over the counter.  This is a very minor problem and it is only because I like to have the machine clean and ready to go before I drink my coffee.

I have found the round top of the carafe works great in pouring a cup of coffee into both my thermos and  regular coffee cups.  This probably differs from many other reviewers of this product.  

There is a built in shut off inside this unit that does not turn on the heater should you forget to put water in the reservoir.

I have gone back to using water from a Brita water filter.  Tap water is fine but the water from the fridge is colder and pure.

We clean the unit by putting in tap water and a small amount of bleach every couple of months.  After cleaning we run the brewing a few times with water.  Seems to work very well.

Some reviewers wanted a timer however I prefer filling the reservoir with cold water, grinding my coffee beans, and brewing the coffee fresh

I am very satisfied with this coffee maker.  I brews an outstanding cup of coffee!

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Posted: February 18, 2009, 2:10pm
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