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Cunill Grinders - All
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Product Details
Overall Rating 7.6, Based on 26 Reviews
Avg Price Varies
Manufacturer Cunill
Machine Type Commercial Grade Flat or Conical Burr Grinder with Doser
Colors Varies
Class Grinder, Professional, Espresso
Pro Review No
First Look No
QuickShot No

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Grinders: Cunill Grinders - All
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Cunill makes a range of professional and prosumer-oriented coffee and espresso grinders. This listing covers all of them.

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Don Mcmahan 07.25.2007 Rating: 7.2
Product Reviewed: CT2
Bottom Line: if you have the space and enjoy a bit of ebaying, think seriously about going straight for the only coffee grinder you will ever need
Jeff Reed 12.15.2009 Rating: 8.6
Product Reviewed: Colombia
Bottom Line: Highly adjustable, consistent, top quality grinder that's worth the money if you use it mainly as a grinder for espresso
Dan Roth (quality: 2.5) 01.30.2009 Rating: 8.8
Product Reviewed: Tranquilo
Bottom Line: Awesome machine for the price, Goes very well with my Silvia.
Dave Mclennan (quality: 4.0) 04.27.2010 Rating: 9.2
Product Reviewed: tranquilo
Bill Duncan (quality: 4.7) 05.14.2009 Rating: 4.4
Product Reviewed: Tranquillo
Bottom Line: The Tranquillo is over-rated and performs poorly on most of what you want a grinder for.
Ed Druitt (quality: 4.8) 01.13.2005 Rating: 7.8
Product Reviewed: Tranquillo (doserless)
Bottom Line: Great value for money. Just a small step  down from the Mini Mazzer at half the price.
Danny McNulty (quality: 5.0) 09.15.2001 Rating: 7.6
Product Reviewed: Cunill model c
Bottom Line: Works fine in a commercial and home environment, but a bit plasticky, worth the money.
Roy Davis (quality: 5.4) 05.23.2003 Rating: 10.0
Product Reviewed: Tranquilo
Bottom Line: Not a toy. A commercial grade grinder.
Kirk (quality: 5.8) 01.15.2001 Rating: 8.0
Product Reviewed: Cunill Brazil
Bottom Line: If you want a solid commercial grinder for home use, easy to use, and a extremely consistent grind, this grinder would make a good choice.
Tim McKee (quality: 6.0) 10.03.2008 Rating: 7.8
Product Reviewed: Columbia
Bottom Line: Big and Ugly for home use but does it's job very well.
Todd Krieger (quality: 6.2) 04.27.2001 Rating: 8.8
Product Reviewed: Cunill El Tranquilo
Bottom Line: Requires safety precaution.  Otherwise this is the best grinder for the money, especially for drip coffee.
Tom Bodet (quality: 6.3) 09.06.2005 Rating: 7.8
Product Reviewed: Tranquilo
Bottom Line: A great unit for a decent price.
Alex Goldstein (quality: 6.4) 09.22.2004 Rating: 9.0
Product Reviewed: Tranquilo
Bottom Line: Excellent quality and consistency of grinding.  My highest recommendations.
Stephen Jones (quality: 6.5) 01.14.2005 Rating: 8.2
Product Reviewed: Brasil
Bottom Line: Excellent grinder for anyone but an interior decorator.
Richard Makelky (quality: 6.6) 02.29.2004 Rating: 8.0
Product Reviewed: Tranquillo
Bottom Line: The tank of home grinders, at an suv price.
Stephen Smith (quality: 6.7) 12.19.2004 Rating: 8.4
Product Reviewed: Tauro
Bottom Line: Looks like a solid alternative to the better known names; if you run across one, give it a good look.
Zach Erin Janine (quality: 6.7) 05.16.2005 Rating: 3.6
Product Reviewed: Astra Semi Commercial
Bottom Line: Big, Black, Shiny, Piece of crap.
Jack Rogers (quality: 7.1) 03.23.2004 Rating: 8.4
Product Reviewed: Tranquilo
Bottom Line: Mazzer grind quality on a Maestro Plus budget?!
Andrew _ (quality: 7.8) 12.14.2004 Rating: 5.4
Product Reviewed: Astra Home semi-automatic
Bottom Line: Flawed, has problems, maybe next year. Get a Rocky or Mazzer Mini instead.
Eric Wooten (quality: 7.8) 09.08.2003 Rating: 7.4
Product Reviewed: Tranquillo
Bottom Line: Inexpensive, commercial grade grinder.
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